Salon 21

Petite Piano Concerts

Named "Best Use of a Living Room for Intellectual Refinement" 

Cincinnati CityBeat Best of Cincinnati 2017


Salon 21 is a series of intimate piano concerts in unexpected places around the city of Cincinnati. They’re modeled after 19th century salons, where famous musicians and composers performed in people’s living rooms. Salon 21 updates these historic salons for the 21st century. Imagine an evening filled with wine, food, friends, world-class music and exciting new ideas.



Composers like Chopin and Mendelssohn performed right in people’s living rooms. We’re bringing these salons into the 21st century with intimate pop-up concerts.


We believe classical music is for everyone. Enjoy wine, food and friends while you experience an outstanding classical piano performance.


You won’t find stages at Salon 21. We break down the barriers between audience and musicians. So you can enjoy a 45-minute concert up close then talk with the performers.

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