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Salon 21: Our #PianoLoveStory

This February, Salon 21 is celebrating the #PianoLoveStory with our first ever annual campaign. Do you remember when you first fell in love with the piano? Maybe it’s a memory of watching your mom’s fingers flowing across the piano keys. Perhaps you remember ceaselessly listening to the Charlie Brown Christmas soundtrack. These connections are unique, and we want to hear more! Will you share in the storytelling?


Help Salon 21 continue to make new piano love stories with a donation today. We create intimate settings to promote classical and contemporary piano music. We host musical conversations that reach beyond the barrier that divides the performer and listener.


At each Salon 21 concert we strive to share our #PianoLoveStory with you, and this month, it’s your turn! Tune in to hear the piano love stories from our performers, donors, board members, and concert attendees. Donate today and share your #PianoLoveStory with us!

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